Book of Abstracts


Recommended citation:
Edvardsson, J., Chen, T.T., Gunnarson, B., Hansson, A., Linderholm, H.W. (eds.) (2021) Book of Abstracts. TRACE 2021 Conference, 16-17 June 2021, Lund, Sweden. 135 p.

Citation example for individual abstract:
Baron, J.N., Daniels, L.D., Longstaffe, F.J. (2021) Anthropogenic drivers of Pinus strobus growth in a protected area since 1950: Evidence from tree rings and carbon stable isotopes. In: Edvardsson, J., Chen, T.T., Gunnarson, B., Hansson, A., Linderholm, H.W. (eds.) Book of Abstracts. TRACE 2021 Conference, 16-17 June 2021, Lund, Sweden. p. 14.

The program of TRACE 2021 centers around thematic four sessions:


Session 1: Trees in a Changing Climate
Session chair: Hans Linderholm (

Session 2: Old Wood in the Limelight
Session chair: Anton Hansson (

Session 3: Inside Wood
Session chair: Björn Gunnarson (

Session 4: Cutting Edge Dendrochronology
Session chair: Johannes Edvardsson (
Tzu Tung Chen (


DAY 1 16 JUN
Poster/Video room open all the time
9:00-9:30 Welcome
(Johannes Edvardsson, Hans Linderholm, Björn Gunnarson)

Dendrochronology in Sweden –
Old Wood in a New Light Database and introduction to different Swedish laboratories and projects presented at TRACE
9:30-10:20Session 1 – Trees in a changing climate
9:30 – 9:35 Introduction by chair (Hans Linderholm)
9:35 – 9:45 (Talk) Angela Luisa Prendin
Influences of summer warming and nutrient availability on Salix glauca L. growth in Greenland along an ice to sea gradient
9:45 – 9:55 (Talk) Emanuele Ziaco
Multi-decadal patterns of terrestrial and aquatic productivity in a sub-alpine lake in the Siskiyou Mountains (California, US)
9:55 – 10:00 (Video) Andreas Burger
The wetter the better? A first comprehensive assessment of tree growth and climate sensitivity of Ulmus laevis along a hydrological gradient
10:00 – 10:10 (Talk) Ivan Tychkov
Effect of climate change on the phenology of conifers in Central Siberia
10:10 – 10:20 (Talk) Jen Baron
Anthropogenic drivers of Pinus strobus growth in a protected area since 1950: Evidence from tree rings and carbon stable isotopes
10:20-10:40 Break

10:40 – 10:45 (Video) Martin Šenfeldr
Dendroclimatological study of Quercus robur and Fraxinus angustifolia in floodplain forest ecosystem
10:45 – 10:50 (Video) Nadezhda Semenyak
Dendroclimatic signals in the pine and spruce chronologies in the Solovetsky Archipelago
10:50 – 11:00 (Talk) Nela Maredova
Environmental factors driving tree growth responses to climate across NE Asia
11:00 – 11:05 (Video) Enrico Tonelli
Late frosts effects on Apennines beech forests: insights from tree rings
11:05 – 11:15 (Talk) Philipp Römer
Fading temperature sensitivity of long tree-ring density chronologies from Corsica (France)
11:30-12:1511:30 – 11:40 (Talk) Christopher Leifsson
Functional legacies after extreme drought events in forest ecosystems: a large-scale analysis
11:40 – 11:50 (Talk) Václav Treml
Trends in climatically-driven extreme growth reductions of Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris in Central Europe
11:50 – 12:15 Discussion and summary (Hans Linderholm)
12:15-13:15Lunch break

Session 2 – Old wood in the Limelight
13:15 – 13:25 Introduction by chair (Anton Hansson)
13:25 – 13:35 (Talk) Oliver Nelle
Of beech and ash – dendroarchaeology of the neolithic lake shore settlement Olzreuter Ried (SW-Germany)
13:35 – 13:40 (Video) Alar Läänelaid
Ships were made of oak, pine or larch
13:40 – 13:50 (Talk) Marta Domínguez Delmás
Non-invasive dendrochronology on half ship models from the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) reveals their production dates and shipyards
13:50 – 14:00 (Talk) Coralie Mills
SESOD: The South East Scotland Oak Dendrochronology project
14:15-15:2014:15 – 14:25 (Talk) Martin Bridge
How old is that post-mill?
14:25 – 14:35 (Talk) Anne Crone
American oak imports to the British Isles in the 18th and early 19th centuries; the dendrochronological evidence
14:35 – 14:45 (Talk) Diogo Cláudio Pavão
Dendrochronological potential of the Azorean endemic gymnosperm Juniperus brevifolia (Seub.) Antoine
14:45 – 14:55 (Talk) Evrim Sahan
The first tree-ring based fire history of black pine forests in Turkey
14:55 – 15:05 (Talk) Jorge Martinez-Garcia
Automated 3D tree-ring detection and ring-width calculation from X-ray computed tomography
15:05 – 15:20 Discussion (Anton Hansson)
15:30-16:30Video & Poster session – Mingle around virtual stands!
> 3 min video (pre-recorded)
> Poster + 1 min speed presentation
> Chat with presenters online
16:30-17:30ATR annual meeting (Organizers, ATR board)
DAY 2 17 JUN
Poster/Video room open all the time
9:00-10:05Session 3 – Inside wood
9:00 – 9:05 Introduction by chair (Björn Gunnarson)
9:05 – 9:20 “Invited speaker” (Alan Crivellaro)
9:20 – 9:30 (Talk) Domen Arnič
Intra-annual variation in vessel features in European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in years with extreme climate conditions
9:30 – 9:40 (Talk) Alberto Arzac
Intra-annual density fluctuations beyond the Mediterranean: IADF respond to temperature in southern Siberian pines
9:40 – 9:50 (Talk) Daria Belousova
VS-Cambium-Developer (VS-CD): new opportunities to quantify a cambium activity of conifer species
9:50 – 10:00 (Talk) Marek Fajstavr
The intra-annual density fluctuation as an acclimation response to water use efficiency of tracheids in Pinus sylvestris L.
10:00 – 10:05 (Video) Siti Fatimah Hanum
Seasonal growth dynamics of Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) on sandy soils in the Netherlands during the dry summer 2018
10:20-12:2010:20 – 10:30 (Talk) Jelena Lange
Forward modelling reveals a complex pattern of climatic control on wood formation in conifers at cold-limited sites
10:30 – 10:40 (Talk) Negar Rezaie
What can xylem tell about extreme weather events?
10:40 – 10:50 (Talk) Paulina Puchi
Wood anatomy and tree-ring isotopes reveal hydraulic deterioration as the main cause of Araucaria araucana dieback in southern America
11:50 – 11:55 (Video) Alba Anadon-Rosell
Effects of dominant moss species on shrub growth and xylem anatomy along a precipitation gradient in the subarctic tundra
11:55-12:05 (Talk) Petter Stridbeck
Growing season changes in Swedish forests – early wakening, early retreat?
12:05 – 12:20 Discussion and summary (Björn Gunnarson)
12:20-13:20Lunch break
13:20-13:50Special guest – “Diversity in dendrochronology” (Valerie Trouet)
14:05–15:00Session 4 – Cutting Edge Dendrochronology
14:05-14:10 Introduction by chair (Johannes Edvardsson, Tzu Tung Chen)
14:10 – 14:20 (Talk) Eileen Kuhl
A density provenance model to improve millennium length temperature reconstructions
14:20 – 14:30 (Talk) Miloš Rydval
High-resolution reflected light imaging for dendrochronology: towards the development of unbiased reflectance timeseries
14:30 – 14:40 (Talk) Jesper Björklund
Dendroanatomy – a new contender in Dendroclimatology
14:40 – 14:50 (Talk) Paolo Cherubini
Tree vitality and forest health: any better indicators than tree-ring widths?
14:50 – 14:55 (Video) Achim Bräuning
A new interdisciplinary approach to illustrate climate change on forest ecosystems
14:55 – 15:00 (Video) Giulia Resente
Mask, Train, Repeat! Artificial Intelligence for Quantitative Wood Anatomy
15:15-16:0015:15 – 15:25 (Talk) Rob Wilson
Evaluating the dendroclimatological potential of Blue Intensity on conifer species from Australasia
15:25 – 15:35 (Talk) Valentina Vitali
High-frequency stable isotope signals in uneven-aged forests as proxy for physiological responses to climate in Central Europe
15:35 – 15:40 (Video) Lior Regev
Discovery of annual growth in a modern olive branch based on carbon isotopes and implications for the Bronze Age volcanic eruption of Santorini
15:40 – 15:50 (Talk) Cristina Valeriano
Recovering shifts in drought imprints from tree growth to understand the vulnerability to dieback
15:50 – 16:00 (Talk) Jeanne Rezsöhazy
Reconstruction of the Southern Hemisphere climate over the past millennium taking into account explicitly the links between climate and tree growth with process-based dendroclimatic models
16:15-17:0016:15 – 16:25 (Talk) Matthew Goodwin
Hydroclimate proxies using stable isotopes in grey mangroves (Avicennia marina)
16:25 – 16:35 (Talk) Paula Ballikaya
Nanoparticle concentration in trees is higher through leaf delivery
16:35 – 16:45 (Talk) Elisabet Martínez-Sancho
Is ring porosity a favorable strategy for oaks under different climate types?
16:45 – 17:00 Discussion and summary (Johannes Edvardsson, Tzu Tung Chen)
17:10-17:30Closing session (Organizers, ATR board)
Award ceremony

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