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“Diversity in dendrochronology”

Invited speaker: Valerie Trouet

ATR Awards

Young talent in the picture

The ATR Prize for Best Poster (2021): Pamela Soto-Rogel
(”Different Nothofagus species from southernmost Fuego-Patagonia/Chile record AAO signals”)

The ATR Prize for Best Video Abstract (2021): Victor Mihaila
(”Protocol for optimizing microcore processing for X-ray CT scanning workflow”)

The ATR Prize for Best Student Presentation (2021): Christopher Leifsson
(”Functional legacies after extreme drought events in forest ecosystems: a large-scale analysis”)


Session 1: Trees in a Changing Climate

Session 2: Old Wood in the Limelight

Session 3: Inside Wood

Session 4: Cutting Edge Dendrochronology


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